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shearing request form

Submit this form to request shearing or inquire about this service. My ability to provide an accurate price quote is dependent on a thorough description of the job requested. Please answer the questions listed below and provide as much detail as possible. Thank you!

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Please include answers to the following: 1. What breed(s) of sheep do you have? If you do not know the breed(s) please send me a picture. 2. How many ewes? How many ewes have horns? 3. How many wethers? How many wethers have horns? 4. How many rams? How many rams have horns? 5. When was the last time your sheep were shorn? 6. Will this be the first time any of your sheep are getting shorn? 7. Would you like their feet trimmed at the time of service? 8. What is the location (street and town) where the sheep will be getting shorn?